Продажа квартир Киев - какие опасности?

Продажа квартир  Киев - какие опасности?

Sale of apartments Kiev

Do you want to change the living space to a large one or move to another city? So, you have to deal with the sale of apartments. Selling an apartment on your own, you can decently save on real estate services and control every stage of this responsible transaction. But remember that the process of buying and selling housing is not easy, time-consuming and requires good legal knowledge in real estate. Get ready for time and cost.

Now consider the step-by-step algorithm of the process itself. At an event such as selling an apartment in Kiev, the stages of the transaction are as follows: determining the market value of the property being sold, preparing the apartment for sale, preparing the necessary set of documents, putting your own advertising proposal on the real estate market, finding buyers and negotiating with them, concluding a preliminary contract for the purchase -sale, cash settlement procedure, final signing of the main contract with the registration of the buyer as a new owner, transfer of funds for the sold w leagues and the process of transition to the new owner of the apartment.

Buying an apartment in Kiev is a special important and dangerous maneuver of real estate buyers, often performed involuntarily and very similar to double overtaking a car on the road, when the same car is simultaneously overtaken by two others. Quite often, these frauds are done and intentionally, especially with new buildings. “Double sale”, or the sale of a property to several buyers at once, often takes place both in the primary and secondary housing markets. For example, an apartment is simultaneously sold by a fraudulent seller to one buyer, and at the same time, according to other documents, to another buyer. Many are convinced that if you make transactions through large real estate agencies, you can protect yourself from fraud as much as possible. As it turns out, this is not always the case. It is not a matter of size but of experience. As a rule, agencies with extensive experience have experience in the field of security of the conclusion of a transaction. In this case, we recommend the Victoria and Co Real Estate Agency, whose experience in the sales of Kiev real estate has been since 1996.
As a rule, a model of behavior in this situation among realtors and agencies has already been developed to a certain extent. Nevertheless, you can find an apartment to your taste on the TORRO real estate notice board