Scams in Kiev construction sites.

Scams in Kiev construction sites.

Instead of fresh repairs - bare concrete. Mrs. Eugene shows an apartment for which 630 thousand UAH. the whole family was collected for almost 20 years.
Housing here was found back in 2015, at the construction stage. So cheaper, and not far from your home. The woman did not bother the cost. For Troieschina, remote from the metro, - 13 thousand per square meter - then, they say, it was just right.
The woman had to move to a new home three years ago. But still can not register the right of ownership. Because, as it turned out, the entire residential complex is illegal. According to the documents, a school should be in this place. This is recognized even by the lawyer of the developer.
Instead of the promised seven sections, while there are three. The construction was stopped. 700 people who bought apartments in the Perspective residential complex, from their own perspective - to remain without a roof over their heads, and without money - in despair.
- The elevator is not working. Again. She pulled the stroller to the tenth floor, - a resident of the Perspektiva residential complex, a Kiev long-term construction, complains in a vibe group, whose developer "forgot" to enter into agreements with utilities, leaving apartment owners with their problems one on one.
Naive investors hoped to get comfortable housing in a residential area of ​​Kiev on Dreiser Street, 40. And their everyday life turned into a long war for high-quality housing and communal services. The elevator breaks down regularly in the house, the heating does not work, the rats are divorced, and the “round-the-clock security” disappears somewhere, writes Lyubov Velichko.
However, the worst thing for the residents is behind - in December 2018, the May decision of the Commercial Court of the city of Kiev on the demolition of the house, which was erected illegally, was canceled on the land intended for the construction of the school.
To date, the Kiev administration has allowed more than 60 troubled apartment buildings in the capital. In order not to buy an apartment in one of these, lawyers advise carefully checking documents not only for housing, but also for land; electrical connections and sewerage.

In total, there are about 50 thousand investors in Kiev who have suffered from unsuccessful investments in residential properties.
Basically, such construction was planned to be introduced by court order.
For example, LCD "Southern Quarter" on the street. Timofey Strokach, 9 thanks to a court decision received the right to commission. However, emphasizes Grigory Pererva, the actions of the Kyiv City State Administration demonstrate that the city authorities do not consider the object legal. In October 2016, he was included in the list of illegal facilities and for this reason is not connected to heating. As the expert suggests, no one intends to take into operation the already completed 1 and 2 sections of the residential complex "Southern Quarter".

There are a lot of such cases of "inaudible" status when it is not clear whether it is safe to invest in residential new buildings and whether the object has permits, in urban planning monitoring.
LCD "Perspective" (formerly - LCD "Desnyansky"), under construction on the street. T. Dreiser, 40, two years ago was classified by urban planning as “unauthorized construction”. But six months later, he was transferred to the category of "processing", that is, officials check whether the package of documents is in order. Such is his status on the site so far, despite several court hearings and open criminal proceedings at home. Meanwhile, construction work is ongoing, the first section has already been built, the sales department is actively working, increasing the potential number of “affected investors”.
LCD "Shevchenkovsky quarter" many experts attributed to the "Wojciechowski empire", but its status in the monitoring was listed as "legal construction." The construction was proceeding slowly, with the postponement of completion of construction work, however, by the summer of 2017, the first section was completed, the second section was completed masonry work, in the third monolith they caught up to 26 floors. At this time, the courts were hearing proceedings regarding the misuse of the land plot, inaccurate data on the complexity category of the object, etc. As a result, in July 2017, the Kiev Administrative Court of Appeal decided to demolish the second and third sections of the multi-storey residential building.

“Almost a month has already passed since the decision of the court of appeal, however, in the town-planning monitoring, the Shevchenkovsky quarter still has the status of“ legal construction. ”As you can see, officials are in no hurry to introduce court decisions, disorienting potential buyers,” says Grigory Pererva.
The most anecdotal situation, he considers the status of the famous Troeschinsky LCD "Dnieper Towers". “Let me remind you that the project started in the early 2000s, slowed down by 2004, stopped completely in 2008. More than a thousand people invested their money in this project. Today, few will call its completion real, but according to urban planning it’s listed as“ requiring additional verification, "says Grigory Pererva. The expert emphasizes that such" negligence "of officials leads to the fact that a well-conceived monitoring tool in practice is unreliable.

The volume of “suspended” residential square meters is almost half of the volume that is annually taken into operation in Kiev. "The main problem of the capital is the huge number of people who invested in illegal property. According to our estimates, based on the data of the Town-planning monitoring, residents settled in about four dozen complexes with dubious status. Some work (for example, in the Elegant complex) was completed long ago , other construction projects are conditionally frozen, "says Grigory Pererva.

The situation in conditionally frozen facilities is the worst: part of the sections has been commissioned and people live there, other sections left unfinished, investors are trying to either complete the completion of the facilities, or at least return the funds.
           What do the Kiev deputies offer

For several years now, the Moscow authorities have been trying to solve the issue of construction in progress, in particular, a working group has been created, headed by the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Alexander Spasibko. The list of illegal construction sites is constantly updated, a roadmap for each of the projects is prescribed individually. But the main scenario is the same: it is proposed to create a housing construction cooperative from the affected investors, to issue a land plot on it and transfer to it the function of the construction customer. Further, ZhSK accumulates the missing amount, completes the project and puts it into operation.

However, although at the initial stage the idea of ​​creating a housing cooperative had good information support, the weakness - the economy of the entire event - immediately became apparent. Two other risk factors are poor legal literacy among investors and the psychological factor. “Attempts to create a housing cooperative in such facilities as Sineozerny, Priozerny, Flagship, Mega-City, Rodnyaya Zatishok, Starodarnitsky, Nova Khvilya were accompanied by a number of excesses. There were cases when several cooperatives or designed them in such a way that most investors did not have voting rights, "says Grigory Pererva.
Nevertheless, as reported in the KSCA, there is progress. "Legal assistance was provided for the creation of housing cooperatives in five facilities. Namely, in the Mosaic residential complex - OK ZhSK" Strategichesky ", residential complex" Skhidna Brama "- OK" OMD Skhidna Brama ", in the residential complex" Perlina Troeshchina "- housing cooperative Nasha Perlina, in the Margarita residential complex - OK ZhSK Bulgakov, in the Sosnovy Bor residential complex - OK ZhSK Ecobud. Another good news is that the land plots of Margarita and Perlina Troeschina residential complexes were removed. that is, the work can be resumed, "the KSCA press service said.

Registration of a land plot for a cooperative allows you to quickly resolve issues with the project, however, there are problems that the Housing Construction Authority cannot cope without the help of the authorities, not local, but central. “We are talking about projects built with gross violations of urban planning legislation. For example, construction over communications or excessive floors, when instead of 15 floors 26 were built. There are too many objects with such violations, and it is unlikely that any of the officials will take personal responsibility for such a project will give him permission. These are issues where it is easier to comply with the letter of the law than to transgress it, so the chances of such projects to be completed are minimal, "said Grigory Pererva.

From the foregoing, only one conclusion can be drawn: architectural and construction control is completely absent, and the two-faced power is striking.