Take or buy The answer is! When is it better to advertise a rental in Nikolaev?

Take or buy The answer is! When is it better to advertise a rental in Nikolaev?

When is it better to advertise a rental in Nikolaev?

Everyone knows about the seasonal fluctuations in the cost of renting a dwelling. But in each city, various factors influence it. It depends on the influx of students, tourists, cultural and artistic events. When is it cheaper to rent and rent an apartment in Nikolaev?

The moon of the highest demand is for the landlord

Typically, tenants are activated in the period of March-April and the end of July-August. These periods are the time of minimal business activity. It is at this time that the agreement on the rental of housing will be most beneficial to the landlord, as it is a gap in high demand for apartments. These seasonal fluctuations occur annually.

Speaking about the daily rent, in October prices for it grow by 15-20%, and in November-December - by 40-60%, which is due to the arrival of New Year's holidays.

Moon of low demand - for the tenant

The decline of summer activity of tenants falls in the second half of August-September, as well as in January. At this time, housing offers are more than demand, and this can take advantage of the lender. Prices are also down by about 10%.

When renting a day, it is better to plan a rental in advance in order to make it to a significant winter increase in apartment prices. Moreover, when approaching holidays, finding free housing is difficult enough.

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Take or buy The answer is!

Over the years, more and more people are interested in the possibility of a profitable long-term rental of housing instead of buying it. This practice has come to Ukraine from the United States and European countries, where young people and middle-aged people can change their place of residence and place of work quite often, through travel and finding the best options for employment. And generations have grown up who are accustomed to cheap and stable rent rather than buying their own real estate. Is this possible for Ukrainians and what is needed for this?

Construction of real estate for lease. Currently, such buildings in Ukraine are few and most of them have a business purpose. At the same time, in Germany, only 40% of the population lives in their own housing, 30% of the apartments in new buildings are reserved for lease and subsidized by the state. Owners of housing in this case is a specific city.

In Vienna, more than 80% of city dwellers are apartment renters. 60% of them use the developed system of housing subsidies, and life in this European capital is considered the most affordable. When changing the place of work, the place of residence also changes without problems that can not afford the owners of apartments.

In Ukraine, there is already a law that allows residents to buy housing from communal property by equipping them with colloquia (such as new communals), in which students, creative young people and young specialists from different spheres will happily settle. Such housing should soon appear in Nikolaev.

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