Six tips for choosing a good broker

Six tips for choosing a good broker

The latest statistics showed that there are about 650 people per one real estate broker in Ukraine. No other country in Europe has such a high rate. The good news is that finding a real estate agent in such quantities takes seconds. The bad news is that finding a reliable broker among all of them can be a lot of hassle for you. So how do you know that the broker will treat you fairly and fairly?

1. Has an online presentation, including links to it
You may want to do a first check on the reliability of a real estate broker before contacting him. See if he has a personal presentation online and how it was done - it should contain enough information about him (including mentions of his education and certifications) and his work. The right brokers will add customer links to their profile and won't be ashamed of negative reviews.

2. Has an average number of real estate offers
Of course, the online presentations of real estate brokers also include their current real estate offerings. However, if there are too many of them, chances are he won't have enough time to focus on your subject. In this case, simply "Bigger is not better."

3. His real estate offers are professionally made
Once you estimate the number of applications, look at their quality. It is very necessary to take a professional picture of real estate now, a good broker attaches photos of the house or apartment for sale, floor plans and high-quality videos, or offers a presentation of real estate through a virtual tour.

4. He asks the right questions in the meeting
If a real estate broker simply "clicks" a few pictures on his cell phone the first time he visits your property and asks how much you want for it, and then leaves, then something is wrong with him. A good realist broker is interested not only in information about a house or apartment (including the technical condition or infrastructure of the surrounding area), but also in you. Therefore, he will want to see the documents for real estate and an extract from the land registry. Based on this information, he will identify potential barriers to the sale (for example, a collateral at a bank), and then propose further actions and the price of the property.

5. He knows what will happen to the property upon sale
Based on the joint interview and information about the real estate, an experienced broker will be able to tell you what steps and actions will follow next, in what order they will take place, what role he and you will have.

6. He's just a man
A good real estate broker does not force or push you to do the wrong thing when selling your property. The right broker is ready to give you correct and timely advice. If he feels that your point of view is wrong, he will warn you, but leave the final decision to you.