Kropivnitsky: take off the apartment tips and advice

Kropivnitsky: take off the apartment tips and advice

How to protect your rights when renting a home?

The cost of rent increases every year, in millionaires, and in small cities, such as Kropivnitsky. At the same time, apart from the need to pay a considerable amount, tenants often have to endure the courage of homeowners who can come without warning, check the quality of cleaning, prohibit the repositioning of furniture, hanging pictures, installing new home appliances (so that no wiring is burned out) or even welcoming guests. There are cases where women who are renting a home for a long time have to leave because of a pregnancy that does not suit the owners of the apartment.

In order to avoid such cases, it is worth to conclude a detailed lease agreement. This does not require the participation of a realtor or a notary: only the signatures of the owner and tenant. The main thing - to bring to him all possible trivia, which will affect the comfort of life in a retired apartment. These include:

repair works - cosmetic, those that do not require re-planning;
the frequency and, if possible, the time of the landlord's visits, and, in addition, the prohibition of copyrights and things of the lender (opening cabinets, refrigerator, etc.);
increase of the rent without early warning of the tenant;
the number of possible occupants (for example, if possible, accommodation for 4 people, a family of 3 people can nurse a relative or give birth to a second child).
It is also possible to impose sanctions on tenants and landlords to complete all clauses of the agreement. This mechanism is effective and understandable for both parties.

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How to create a home atmosphere in a rented apartment: 5 tips

You have taken an apartment in Kropivnitsky but in it there is not enough coziness? Even in a retired apartment you can create a real home comfort, such as what

is right for you. According to psychologists, the lack of a pleasant atmosphere in the rented accommodation can be a significant cause of stress. How to create comfort in temporary housing?

Change the color of the walls. If the owner of the Quatra allows you to paint, you can change the color of the walls into one of the pleasant ones of your eye. Considering that the wall just acts as an interior background, you will feel much better when going to your new home. At the same time, it is not necessary to repaint all the walls in the home: it is possible to focus on one of them, for example, with the help of yellow, pink or blue colors.
Bed linen occupies a large part of the room space, so its design and color are also able to significantly freshen the room.
Pictures on the walls. If the agreement with the owner of the apartment allows, you can hang pictures, scoring several new nails in the wall or using existing ones. You can also change the picture frame by giving them a "new breath", or hanging printed photos of smiling loved ones.
Lighting is an important factor. It affects both our vision and our mental state. You can divide the space in the room on the upper and side lighting of different heat by turning on bright ceiling lamps or wall-mounted and table lamps with softer light.
Books and plants can be arranged not only comfortably, but also brightly and stylishly. You just want to improve your mood!
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