How to rent an apartment to own

How to rent an apartment to own

For a start, discuss with the new tenant how many people plan to live on the living space. This is necessary so that when you come to your place one day, not find a crowd of strangers in the apartment.

The second thing to find out is who will be responsible for all sorts of emergency situations.


Remember that by law you can not visit the apartment just like that, at a convenient time for you without notice.

How to arrange a rental apartment: enter into a lease agreement

This document is between the landlord and tenant. In addition, third parties may take part in its conclusion. For example, if it is issued by employees of real estate companies.

The object of the contract is a property suitable for living, for example, an apartment, a house, a room.

The agreement calls for fulfillment of certain obligations.

The landlord must:

For a negotiated monthly fee to provide the tenant with housing fully livable.

Provide all utility services.

Independently repair the room or its part.

The tenant must:

Use the living space exclusively for living and not for other purposes.

Keep it in good condition.

Repair, change the layout only in accordance with the consent of the landlord.

Monthly pay the agreed and specified in the contract fee.

Pay for utilities, if such an item is contained in the document.

All such contracts can be divided into 2 main types. Long and short term.

The first are for up to 5 years. And the second - up to 2 months.

As a landlord, you will be required to provide documents that give you the right to dispose of the apartment as your property. For example: deed of gift, sale, barter, or inheritance.


Such agreements are always made in writing, and their activities are regulated by the Civil Code. It contains everything that the parties who have concluded it must fulfill.

The following points should be spelled out in the test document itself: the address of the apartment, the date of its delivery, the amount of payment, and the lists of people who will live there.

Once everything is written, it's time to issue an act of acceptance and transfer of the apartment.

Specify in it: whether there was a repair in the apartment, how long it was, what furniture and appliances in it, write down its approximate cost.

This entry is very important, because if tenants ruin something in your house, they will be required to pay for repairs or buy a new one.