How to get a subsidy for a rental apartment?

How to get a subsidy for a rental apartment?

Rent an apartment and not enough for a communal - take a subsidy!

In Kherson, as in any other Ukrainian city, the tenant of an apartment has the full right to receive a subsidy for utility payments from the state, as well as its owners. To do this, it is worth knowing whether the total income allows you to issue such a subsidy, and collect a package of necessary documents.
For example, family-tenants have a right to a subsidy, in which the payment for utilities is a more obligatory payment for them. Mandatory interest is calculated for each family individually according to the established formula, depending solely on total income. You can calculate it on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy.

The family of Svetlana Poroshenko in the summer pays for water and electricity at 500-600 hryvnia per month, and in winter, due to heating, the total amount in bills increases to 3000 UAH. and renting an apartment.

"Our family rents a two-room apartment for 6000 UAH and plus utility bills and, accordingly, when they grow in the winter period, this amount significantly affects the family budget," Svetlana complains.

But it turns out that even renting an apartment, you can get a subsidy, - they say in the Ministry of Social Policy. You can calculate the amount of the subsidy and find out about the possibility of obtaining a subsidy for utilities on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy.

We make out a subsidy for a rented apartment
If you are convinced of the possibility of obtaining a subsidy, it is necessary to collect the necessary documents for its registration for rental housing:

1. Lease Agreement. It does not have to be notarized: only the list with the owner and the tenant matter.
2. Application for the appointment of subsidies.
3. Declaration of the place of work or status of all family members (forms can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Policy).
4. Income certificates, if they are not available in the DFS and NFU.

Further documents can be sent by mail, and wait for the decision on the appointment of the grant. And after - to pay for rental housing is much less.

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