Video surveillance of an apartment or a house is the boundary of your security.

Video surveillance of an apartment or a house is the boundary of your security.

Modern technical devices on guard of your house

Any home begins with a door, so those who decided to buy an apartment or house for sure thought about how to protect themselves from the intrusion of "uninvited guests." Thanks to modern security devices, properly selected locks and alarm systems, you can even feel relaxed even when going on vacation.

For a professional who trades in theft does not matter, the material of which is made of a door. The castle is what plays a key role. Durable locks are considered to be locks with a code system, for their discovery, in addition to the key, a special code is required. And in modern models, if three times the code is entered incorrectly, the lock is reprogrammed and the signal goes to the owner's smartphone. Another plus of lock locks that it is impossible to make a mold with a key. To cut out or cut it out is also not possible, since heavy-duty materials are used for manufacturing.

Surveillance cameras - all-seeing eye in your home

It is not enough to put a reliable lock, because there are also windows, as well as other options for penetrating intruders into the dwelling, especially when it comes to a large house. To always be aware of what is happening in different rooms in the absence of the owner and even when he is at home, but the area is so large and can not be heard from all other ends, video surveillance is required. Modern surveillance cameras are small, and, if desired, can remain invisible. The most popular models:

1. Butterfleye - motion detection camera with shooting in Full HD format. It has a memory of 16 GB, an accelerometer and runs on a powerful battery. Can use a magnet to mount on the wall. Thanks to the synchronization with the mobile, the host can view the video and receive notifications.

2. Nest Cam - the advantage over the previous model, it has a larger viewing angle, sound recording with ignoring of extraneous noise. It does not just save the video, it also provides data on what minute events occurred. The camera is mounted on a wall or placed where it is convenient.

3. Arlo - the device is wireless, waterproof, synchronizing with the mobile. By placing several such cameras in the house, they are easily managed by means of cloud service. There is an application for viewing images immediately from 4 cameras. It provides a night vision mode, as well as a motion sensor.

4. Cocoon - a feature of the device is to catch noise in different rooms. Thanks to this technology, it does not need additional sensors and sends notifications to the phone, if something unusual happens. The plus of the device is that when it is discharged or disconnected from the network, in particular by an intruder, the owner immediately finds out about it, since the cloud service will detect its absence on the web and will receive a notification.

5. Canary - the most advanced of all the above cameras, because in addition to the basic, there are additional functions, in particular an air condition sensor. Being at a distance, the owner will know the temperature and humidity. It also includes a sound sensor and a siren

Another original device that informs the owner about "uninvited guests" is the mat Mat-On-Guard Pressure Door Mat. Every time someone gets on it, a signal is sent to the mobile owner. He will become an assistant not only in the absence of the owners, but when guests come to the festival.

All modern means for security can not be listed, so the choice is yours, but the fact that a reliable lock and camera will not be superfluous in any modern home is unambiguous.