Top 5 Ways to Decease the Real Estate Market

Top 5 Ways to Decease the Real Estate Market

Top 5 Ways to Decease the Real Estate Market

The real estate market is always interested in fraudsters. And if the situation 10-15 years ago was much more critical, today it's hard to say that there are no risks. In Rivne and Ukraine there are people who are ready to go for deception. For easy money scammers create rather complicated schemes of deception, but sometimes resort to the most obvious. Which are the most common ones?

Sale of housing is not owned by owners
This is one of the most popular ways of earning money for fraudsters. It is always found in the residential real estate market. In this case, the sale or lease of an apartment is not carried out by real owners. And real people may not even be able to guess about this situation.

What shall I do? Always check the documents of the property right and do not be afraid to ask a maximum of questions, especially if you want to buy an apartment in Lviv without intermediaries.

Sell ​​for several people at once
This method is also very popular: housing is leased or even sold for fake home documents and false passports to several people at once. In order to avoid such a situation, it is worth using the simplest methods: a neighborhood questionnaire on homeowners.

Sale of arrested and laid-out housing
This scheme works when the property is being sold for sale or under arrest. This includes the option where the owners agree to an agreement under pressure or influence. Such real estate is usually put up for sale at a very low price, and buyers are in a hurry to forget about qualitative housing test.

Fee for air
Often crooks take an advance payment from several buyers and just disappear with money. In this case, it is necessary to sign a document transferring the deposit to the owners, which will protect you from fraud.

Low interest or rental price
The scammer in this case offers a low rental price or a low percentage when buying an apartment on a loan, provided that the buyer leaves in advance a large subscription or a down payment. The way out of this situation is also checking the housing and documents of the owner, as well as signing agreements with him.

It is important that careful and cautious attitude to real estate transactions can be avoided without intermediaries, but it must be remembered that risks always exist.

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