Real estate agency services

Real estate agency services

A real estate transaction is a task that people rarely face. The more difficult it is for them to solve all the problems associated with this procedure - the lack of experience and necessary knowledge can let potential sellers and buyers down and cause them a lot of trouble in the future. Real estate agencies are called to help in solving possible problems. Most often, the services of such bureaus cover the legal side of transactions, assistance and support of transactions related to the purchase or exchange of apartments.

Legal support of transactions

Global legal support solves the client's problem with the possession of a full package of documents required for a real estate transaction. If the client so desires, the entire work of collecting the documents will be entrusted to the employees of the agency, giving the customer a complete package of documents.

The specialists of the bureau will conduct comprehensive consultations on different branches of law:
- family;
- hereditary;
- corporate;
- civil;
- housing;
- tax;
- land, etc.

Prepare contracts and commercial offers focused on:
- buying and selling;
- rent;
- preliminary agreements, etc.

Will make a legal examination:
- provided documents of title;
- previously executed transactions;
- agreements on transactions with real estate objects.

Agency assistance with purchasing

Buying real estate with the help of professionals is the right choice. They will help you buy an apartment in a new building or on the secondary housing market, a cottage or a land plot. In the base of reputable companies, there are several thousand different real estate objects. Documents for all objects have passed a preliminary legal check.

The agency will help you:
- quickly find the best option for acquiring the desired object, including using our own database of offers, which is updated daily;
- provide an unobstructed view of the selected object;
- to carry out the optimal selection of a mortgage loan with the choice of a bank;
- prepare documents and carry out the purchase and sale operation;
- if necessary, select an insurance company;
- buy an apartment with partial payment of a military certificate, subsidies, maternity capital;
- professionally assess real estate;
- to ensure the registration of the transaction.


The exchange of real estate is a rather complex and painstaking process that requires special care when checking documents for an object and compliance with the legality of this type of transaction.

If you decide to exchange apartments, then, first of all, you need to decide on the property for exchange and check its documents for legal purity. The second step is to determine for yourself - whether you yourself will conduct and accompany the exchange transaction or hire professional realtors who can ensure the purity of the transaction and competent legal registration of all papers. With the help of professionals, you:
- make an exchange of a private house or other housing, no matter how difficult it is;
- exchange your apartment for a new home, cottage or other necessary property;
- choose a bank and get a mortgage loan or an installment plan from the developer;
- choose an insurance company.

All transactions of real estate agencies are transparent, they are completely open to clients and by contacting them, you can always count on qualified and reliable assistance and you can easily make a profitable transaction for you.