How to find a good real estate agent?

How to find a good real estate agent?

Today in Ukraine, a large number of realtors offering their services, but, unfortunately, not all of them conscientiously cope with their task. To begin with, we will try to understand, and for what it is generally needed. Regardless of what you need - to sell, buy, rent or rent an apartment in Kiev, you can do this without the help of the Real Estate Agency, and to conclude any deals with the help of a professional is much more reliable. He will offer you various options, will go to the views and accompany you until the end of the transaction and the transfer of money. And if you decide to do without his services, we hasten to disappoint you, even if you find, for example, ads on the Internet "renting an apartment without an intermediary", 99% that it will be a realtor phone - these are the modern realities. If someone who wants to rent an apartment does not want to pay a percentage to a realtor, then surely the landlord has already insured himself and turned to the agent. So to deal with intermediaries, you most likely will still have to, unless of course you yourself will not be engaged in putting ads on poles.

Rules for choosing a reliable intermediary

1. The representative of the agency must be communicative, flexible, it is good to know the legislation relating to the real estate market, objectively evaluate the housing, clearly understand the scheme of contracting, know the relevant documentation and be able to make deals;

2. Refer to professionals, for example, such as the Victoria and Co Real Estate Agency, so you will be protected from scammers.

3. The specialist should explain everything in terms of points, starting with acquaintance with the object, the owner (the buyer) and ending with the transfer of money.

4. Analyze the words and actions of the realtor who cooperates with you. It should be punctual, listen to your wishes, ask questions, do not impose your opinion and defend your interests during bargaining, bargain, be able to convince your opponent that a decision has been made in your favor;

5. The professional will not be afraid to drop you on the ground and reasonably justify

that, for example, an apartment that meets your requirements will cost more, or vice versa, that the housing offered by you should be put up for a lower price. The specialist knows the market and will honestly say if the bar of your requirements does not match the budget, etc .;

4. Pay attention to how the agent responds to former customers. He should love his work sincerely rejoice for being able to help people and making a successful deal, rather than "hacking" capricious clients who "exhausted him all nerves".

6. A good agent is always an excellent psychologist, open to any questions, not afraid to enter into dialogues and defend one's rightness, protecting your rights.

Remember, if you are comfortable working with a realtor, then this is half the success, rely on his professionalism and a successful deal is just around the corner!

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