Buy an apartment in a new building or on the secondary side - what is better?

Buy an apartment in a new building or on the secondary side - what is better?

Having saved enough money for the apartment, a dilemma arises, which apartment to buy, which housing to prefer - in the under construction or only that the house is handed over or the secondary real estate. At once it is necessary to say that there are pluses and minuses, each of these options, so you should talk about them in more detail.

What's good in new buildings?

Many buyers want to live in a "clean" apartment, where there is no bad energy and start a new life in a new place, where there were no bad stories with the previous tenants. Here you can do, as they say, repair from scratch "for yourself", starting with the layout. Since such new buildings are being rented without repair, you do not have to endure anything, remove floors or change sanitary ware, and if you wish, demolish the wall is not difficult. On the other hand, you can not buy an apartment in Kiev and immediately enter, because there is a long and, financially overhead, major repairs, involving flooring, installation of sockets, wall finishing, ceiling and subsequent work.

If initially you only need square meters, and you prefer the layout of the original one, then it's worth paying attention to the monolithic houses, where, thanks to the construction of the load-bearing elements, the wall can be made where your heart desires. And in panel houses, this is rather difficult, since the standard layout is based on load-bearing walls, which are forbidden to demolish. In such houses there are also problems with sound and heat insulation, but the cost of panel housing is cheaper and the drawdown of the house occurs evenly, therefore immediately after construction it is possible to begin repairs. Buy an apartment in a new building, especially in an unfinished house - this is the floor of the case, then we have to get documents for it. As practice shows, sometimes people can not become full owners for years, and therefore, in case of which, it is impossible to sell it because of bureaucratic delays and not splices. But these houses look very attractive, they have clean spacious halls, elevators, no dirty cellars, attics, terrible cat smells and the like, which is so typical of old houses. But be prepared, that for at least a year, if you plan to enter quickly, you will have to live in a noise, as long as there are repairs from neighbors.

What are the advantages of second homes?

An important advantage of the secondary housing is the habitable green courtyards, developed infrastructure, an additional plus if the house is brick built, which is not afraid of natural disasters. Certainly a fire can happen anywhere, but the speed of fire spread in them is incomparably lower than that of modern buildings, from instantly flammable materials. Here, when you enter, you can immediately learn everything about your neighbors, with a good deal you need only cosmetic repairs and furniture purchase, which is certainly much more profitable in financial terms. But a significant drawback - almost redevelopment, except that small extensions of space due to pantries or balconies. Here, mostly small kitchens and bathrooms, which is also inconvenient. It should also be noted that old pipes may need replacing, and the power of the outlets is not enough for all household appliances. There is a risk with documents if the apartment has been resold many times, so it is important to purchase a house with the help of the Real Estate Agency, where professionals will study the history of real estate and confirm the security of the transaction.


Plus new buildings - the choice and the possibility of changing the layout, cleanliness and large areas, new pipes, elevators and other equipment.

Cons of new buildings - it is impossible to immediately buy and drive, the cost of major repairs, noise from neighbors until they finish the arrangement and the lack of greenery in the yard, instead of which, more often than not, the construction sites of neighboring houses. Receiving documents will have to wait a year, or even more

The dignity of the secondary market - drove and live, the rapid processing of documents, developed infrastructure, which includes many schools, kindergartens, shops, green courtyards.

Disadvantages secondary - the lack of modern comfort, not very good layout, which can not be remade, the old equipment, pipes, batteries, etc.

Despite all the pros and cons, it's always possible to pick the perfect option if you entrust it to professionals!

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