How to rent a house and not get burned

How to rent a house and not get burned

Renting a property To pay or not to pay a realtor? - that is the question. Most tenants, not wanting to pay money to third parties, are accepted for finding a refuge on their own. Sources of information in this matter may be: • the Internet; • Periodicals; • Ads on the street.

Finding a house without the help of intermediaries is difficult, but realistic, because many rent apartments unofficially and do not want to apply to agencies. For these purposes, various sites are created, on which there are filters to display a narrower range of proposals that satisfy the query, which significantly speeds up the selection.

Almost every second potential tenant is sure that his searches will give a positive result quickly and without problems, but this is not so. It is necessary to approach the issue with the utmost rigor and understand that not all announcements are real, and if you take into account the factor of binding to frequently visited places (work, school, kindergarten, university, etc.), you can search for a very long time. First of all, it is necessary to estimate the cost of renting square meters and will be determined with requests and opportunities. Looking through the ads on the delivery of housing - assess the adequacy of the information submitted and not respond to those in which the words "on special terms" are present.

On the other hand - the majority of landlords who rent housing officially, prefer to contact specialists who will help to find decent tenants and give certain guarantees. Turning to the agency can save time, but the cost of these services is quite high. From the very beginning it is necessary to specify all wishes and to specify a price range, in order not to waste time and to look only suitable variants. In the end, the question of how to find housing is reduced to three components: time - money - guarantees.

But, it's worth to be extremely careful when choosing an agent, because you can stumble on scammers.

In the modern world, there are two most common payment schemes for real estate agencies:

1. Fixed prepayment. With this option, the competitor gives a certain amount to the performer before the latter starts to work.

The realtor is obliged to draw up an agreement with the customer, specifying the lines and conditions for the fulfillment of the order.

2. One-time payment of 50% of the rental price of housing.

In this case, the lessee undertakes to pay for the agent's work after the latter has completed all agreed points.

Having found a suitable living space, be sure to exchange the documents: make a joint lease with a description of all furniture and equipment, as well as ask for a receipt indicating your payment.

From the very beginning it is better to be honest with the landlord and discuss the living conditions in order to avoid problems in the future, for example: • Living with children; • Acceptability of residence with pets; • The presence of bad habits; • The level of possible noise in the room and the like. Soberly assess your opportunities and needs, and also remember: miser pays twice!

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