In the market of primary housing, the number of offers of the class "economy" has decreased.

In the market of primary housing, the number of offers of the class

According to analysts, during the last year the number of proposals for the sale of apartments in new buildings increased by 15%. At the same time, there was a significant decrease in the number of proposals in the economy segment of the real estate market. The experts associate this with several reasons:
• increase in the number of residential complexes of comfort and premium;
• a decrease in sales of LCD economy class due to the completion of sales in the part of the complexes;
• Positioning of the majority of new LCD as complexes of comfort class.
At the same time, the demand for the purchase of apartments of economy class has not decreased. This is due both to financial opportunities and to the objectives of potential buyers: most of them plan to move to the purchased housing, rather than its future lease. That is why the secondary market of real estate, where the economy segment housing has always been in demand and relevant, serves the foreground. And given the equalization of the prices of primary and secondary housing, today buyers are ready to consider the option of a quick entry into the finished apartment instead of waiting. This is especially true of Odessa as a popular cultural and tourist center. In addition, this option may be quite profitable in the repair plan: even if it is urgently needed, it is easier to do in the secondary housing. Because of this, interested customers are actively looking for ads on the sale of apartments in the economy class, and homeowners are actively creating them.
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